Radio Silence.
18th February 2020​​
It's been a very busy few months for me with a big house move, adopting a puppy and decorating on top of a busy year at school but I'm back at it! I still don't have my work area set up and so I won't be fully back up and running until that happens but hopefully everything will fall into place soon. I'm looking at different stalls, at different events, across the year and will hopefully be booked into some of these very soon and in the meantime, have some ideas to get working on and a commission or two to keep me busy. 
Feel free to get in touch if there is anything you have your eye :)
The end of Summer.
2nd September 2019​​​​​​​
Summer has come to an end and so unfortunately, so have my deals. Don't worry though, there's more deals a-coming!
As it is the end of the summer holidays, I am back to my day job as a teacher and so commissions may take a little longer to complete. However, I will work my hardest to keep within my two week deadlines and get any commissions or orders sent out to you as quickly as possible. 
As you can see, I also have a new logo which I've edited and uploaded across my website. It will feature on any packaging and soon on my business cards too.
I have a few more Scottish Island mandalas to complete before the series is finished and will be working my way to completing this before the end of the year. Cards have been uploaded to the website also, with options for any of my designs to be printed on these.
Keep an eye out for another release, coming soon :)
Welcome to my new website!
5th August 2019
Welcome! I thought it was about time to create a portfolio website for you to see all my work, organised neatly, with prices and information.
This idea happened on holiday of course and being me, I had to get started on it straight away. A few days later and here we are!
All current mandala originals have been uploaded to the shop which you can now browse. If you see something you like, please send me a wee email with what it is you're looking for, any preferences, a name and an address.

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